How to plant guapple

Guapple is a non-seasonal or everbearing variety with an extra large size fruit which attracts some people from Negros province. It weighs an average of 400 to 1000 grams per fruit. It produces thich and white fleshed fruit but with bland taste. However, this variety is crispy in flesh texture


The tree excels most other fruit trees in productivity, hardness and adaptability. Its tree type is relatively spreading in growth habit with four-angled branches, leaves are opposite, oblong to elliptical in shape with pointed apex and base which are usually rounded and light green in color. This variety was collected from Thailand.

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I called you – scam

I received this text and definitely this is a scam..


“I called you but it could’nt go through pls contact me through this email: i have urgent transaction that will benefit us. Dr. Urs Muller”

Here are the numbers that this person used for the scam, I deleted the last number for legal purpose:



63 932 401 421_









Yazz Card an alternative to paypal

If you want to  buy online the usual mode of payment is by Credit card or Paypal. If you don’t have credit card you can use a debit card. Now a days most debit card especially the company issued card for payroll  are visa or master card, hence; it could be use to purchase online. But if you are not tech savvy and a little hesitant to use your payroll for online purchase then why not try Yazz Card. Continue reading “Yazz Card an alternative to paypal”

Jinri Park of PBB

The only reason i am watching the current Pinoy Big Brother 7 (PBB) is because of Jinri Park.  I adore the cuteness and sexiness of Ms. Jinri Park. I do believe she is pure korean and her family migrated to the Philippines when she was still young. A cebuana – Korean with a heart of a Filipina..

Jinri Park Video