Jollibee Peach Mango Pie Ice Cream Rolls

Jollibee is synonymous with Filipino Fast Food. It is a well love fast food chain in the Philippines for it caters for taste palate of the locals. One of its most famous desert is peach mango pie.

Here we try to mix Jollibee peach mango pie with our fried ice cream rolls.

Zest-O Root Beer Full Rich Flavor Fried Ice Cream Rolls – ASMR

Zest-O was founded in 1981 by Alfredo Yao. The founding of Zest-O is accidental to say the least, Alfredo ‘s business is Doypack machine, during that time it is the latest trend in packaging and he tried to sell it to juice drink manufacturer but without a taker he decided to make his own fruit drinks and the rest is history.