Where to watch Kuroko’s basketball season 3

Personally slam dunk is the best sport anime for me but if you love basketball then you must watch Kuroko’s basketball. Although the basketball style¬† and story is a bit unrealistic its is still a good story.

Teiko is an undefeated basketball team lead by the “generation of miracles” after graduating to middle school the 5 generation of miracle members separated and enrolled in different high school. But a fact only few know is that there is another talented player on Teiko middle school and was known as the 6th man of the generation of miracles, the phantom 6.

Tetsuya, the phantom 6 enrolled in Seirin a new school with a talented basketball team. Another freshman with Seirin, Kagami Taiga will be shadow and light tandem of Seirin and one by one they will play with the miracles of generation.

Currently, Kuroko’s basketball is at it’s season 3 and you can watch all of the season at daisuki.net for free.

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