When to buy an LTE antenna

When to buy an LTE antenna

Smart and Globe telecoms are now LTE capable service provider but both have limited coverage. So before buying an LTE antenna to boost your speed here are a few tips before spending your money for an LTE antenna.

Check your gadget if it is LTE capable or LTE ready , using an LTE sim into a cellphone or gadget doesn’t make your cellphone or gadget LTE ready. If your gadget is not LTE capable then don’t bother to buy an LTE antenna.

Be sure that your area has LTE coverage. Check the website of smart or Globe which ever your provider is if your locality has LTE coverage. Browsing the net using an LTE sim doesn’t necessary mean that your area is LTE covered, it is probable that your LTE sim is just using 3G signal if your area is not LTE covered.

If your area is LTE covered then try to compare the speed of your net when you are using it inside your house and outside your house by using speedtest.net . If your net is faster outside your house compared to inside then buying an LTE antenna is advisable.

If the speed of your internet is the same for inside your house and outside then try to test the speed of your LTE when you are on the roof of your house, just be careful… IF there is a significant change in speed then buying an LTE antenna is advisable.

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