What I hate about Chow King

What I hate about Chow King

Well, first and foremost I love the food that Chow King offers. One of my favorite is Lomi, love the blend of the liver and egg.  Although, most of the time my tongue is numb because it is being served too hot.

What I hate about Chow King is the long wait. It is called “Fast food” but most of the time you will wait up to 10-15 minutes before they can serve you your order. So, be warned if you’re as hungry as a horse, don’t eat at Chow King… But if your hunger is still manageable then dine in, relax, and wait for your order to be served.

Another thing… I hope they will have a better” leaked proof” container for their chili oil.  If you order for take out, for example wanton noodle with separate chili oil most of the time the chili oil leaks due to transport and improper placement.

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