Uses of sweet basil

Uses of Sweet basil


The scientific names of balanoy are Ocimum basilicum, Ocimum americanum blanco, Ocimum citriodorum blanco.

It is also is called albanaka by tagalongs, bidai by ilokanos;  bouak , kalu-ui, kamangi by bisayas; samiling, samirig by bicolanon; other call it bauing, ruku-ruku, valonoi, balanoy.

The English name for this plant is grand basilica and sweet basil.

Indication and direction of use:

For cough take the infusion or decoction of sweet basil or tops as tea.

For gas pain (tympanism) take decoction as tea.

Ringworm and insect bites, apply juice of crushed leaves on the area affected.

Tootache – wet small piece of cotton with juice of crushed leaves and insert into tooth cavity.



Volatile oil, 1.5%  -ocimen, pinene, terpin hydrate, cincole, methyl chavicol, linalool , anethole, eugenol.


Source: Philippine formulary

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