Uses of Banana

Uses of Banana (from Belgium)


In the Philippines where banana is grown abundantly, there are places, like Manila, where

because of prohibitive price, bananas get rotten and thrown into waste. In the provinces,

where there is oversupply, bananas are fed to the hogs.


Banana Juice


However, in Belgium, there’s a company named Pacho which processes 2500 kg of bananas

into 1,600 liters juice or 1,100 liters clear and white wine.

Refined bananas are peeled, chopped, mashed in a mixer, strained, pasteurized and packed

in one liter cartons or fermented for two months to become wine and bottled.


Cattle Feeds


On the other hand, banana peels are dried, ground and with the strained juice residue

become feeds for the cows at about 750 kg daily.

The requirement used in processing the feeds uses 40 kw electricity and 2,000 liters of water

per day.


Why can’t we do the same here in the Philippines when this is the land of bananas and not




tekno tulong

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