Cybertecbox, Mahiwagang Black Box alternative?

Last February 11, 2015 ABS-CBN officially launched its ISDB-T signal or digital signal within it they officially announced that the SkyTV+ is now available for a hefty price of 2500 pesos.  I do believe it is a rip-off , for a few thousand pesos additional you can already buy a 14 inch LCD TV. The Skytv+ box doesn’t even have a hdmi output, video recording and usb video playback.

If you will look at Alibaba a wholesale price of isdb-t tuner is about 10-15 dollars or  450 pesos to 900 pesos. Continue reading “Cybertecbox, Mahiwagang Black Box alternative?”

Sky tv plus mahiwagang black box

A few months or even years  ago Sir Ted Failon started giving the “mahiwagang black box” to his radio listener. The said box is an isdb-t box so digital signal’s from different network can be received and viewed in the traditional analog tv as long as it have an rca input for video and audio.

Currently,  you can buy the mahiwagang black box or sky tv plus digital tuner at different  sellers online. According to some report this mahiwagang black box or sky tv plus is a promotional item by abs cbn and not for sale. They have promodizer that sells the “kapamilya sim card” worth 200 pesos and if you buy 3 sim’s you have a free sky tv plus digital tuner. Continue reading “Sky tv plus mahiwagang black box”