Japan Elderly Porn Business

[youtube Sb7gOC8YDOk]

How would you know if your society have a high elderly population?

Well, look at its porn business, if it is offering geriatric porn titles or movies then you have a high elderly percentage.

To no surprise,  Japan is now one of the leading country with geriatric porn. 

 As they say, Japanese are workaholic and one of the most stressed people.

This tend to lend to an inactive sex-life and would result more often than not a low birth rate.

In a report conducted by WHO they found out that 1 in 4 married people in Japan had not made love in almost a year. 

 A country that have a low sex activity but caters to geriatric porn, isn’t it contrasting?

So, maybe geriatric porn is a way of telling the world that  we have been  stressed all our life and as a retiree we would like to catch up.

We’re old but we’re still stiff…