Senator Bong Revilla’s Pathetic Privilege Speech

Watching the privilege speech of Senator Bong Revilla hoping that he can vindicate himself turned out to be a disappointment. Who ever is his advisers should be fired immediately. I believe the speech focus more on throwing accusation on the government , pointing Continue reading “Senator Bong Revilla’s Pathetic Privilege Speech”

Mrs. Kho strikes back.

Mrs. Kho strikes back.

The   mother of Dr. Hayden Kho made a statement in TV patrol against Lolit Solis, Katrina Halili and Senator Bong Revilla. She feels that the senator’s comments are overboard, as if she, as a mother has done nothing good to raise her child. She commented that all of her children are honor students and Hayden Kho has been a good person and his entire teacher, friends etc know that. She is trying to insinuate that Katrina Halili has been the bad influence for Mr. Hayden Kho.  She implied that it is Katrina Halili who encourage/provided drugs to Hayden Kho. That Lolit Solis orchestrate d the script of Katrina Halili when she appeared at the  NBI . That every emotion, tears, etc. of Ms. Katrina Halili is scripted.

When Karen tried to asked about the video footage of Mr. Hayden Kho  or anything related to that issue Mrs. Kho keeps on evading.

I cannot blame Mrs. Kho, deep in her heart she feels that she have raised a well-mannered man.  All parents will protect their child in any harm in any means they can, in Mrs. Kho’s situation it is mother’s instinct. Katulad ng sabi nila sa isang magulang walang pangit na anak.

So, shame on you Hayden Kho for being such a burden to your mother.