A newly wed are at their honeymoon.

And as newly weds do, they have a passionate evening.

Man: Wait a minute i just need to recharge and refill myself (man goes out of the bed to go to the kitchen)…

The man make a coffee and accidentally poured on hot coffee in his penis…

His penis has second degree burn, he went to the fridge to get some ice

There is no ice, but he spotted a can of milk.

He put the milk in a glass and put his dick on it to let the inflammation subsides.

Woman, enters the kitchen.

Woman: So, that is how it is refilled. (Pointing on its penis dip in the milk.)

Ink Refilling

Because of competition prices of printers are now rock bottom low.  In return, printer companies are jacking up the price of their ink.  And because of this high ink price, ink refilling is now common.

There are pro’s and con’s in ink refilling.  One major con’s of refilling is that by refilling your printer might get clog and  in the end you will find yourself buying a new printer.

I have already wasted 3 canon sp200 because of ink refilling. You might think, “this guy is stupid”. Yes,  I have broken 3 printers but the savings from the refilling that i made could bought me around 8 canon sp 200. So, in the end, for me it is economical to refill but it is a case to case basis.