Exotic beauty

Exotic beauty, dati ang term na ito ay ginagamit sa mga babaeng morena or maitim pero maganda. Sa kasalukuyang panahon ang term na exotic beauty ay ginagamit sa mga babaeng hindi kagandahan pero ang mga napapangasawa ay mga foreigner na may itsura. At usually magaganda ang kinalalabasan ng itsura ng mga anak nila.

Kung sakali naman daw walang ganda si babae at kapangasawa ng gwapong foreigner ang tawag dun ay “extinct beauty”….

Crush Videos

These are sexual fetish that causes arousal to a man /women by simple seeing things like animal, objects etc being crush / killed barefoot /with hills / with shoes by the opposite sex.

It is rampant  in other country and it is now a budding enterprise here in the Philippines.  There are now videos of the said act that is currently circulating around the net on which young Filipinas are doing the deed.

Child Prostitution

Ingat ka, Neneng is the sad, heartbreaking story of about 400,000 women and children trafficked within the Philippines every year. Mostly from
the Visayas and Mindanao, they are lured by the sweet promises of better job opportunities and the good life in Manila only to end up in sweatshops or, worse, prostitution dens. The Philippines is the fourth largest source of trafficked women and children. Ingat ka, Neneng documents their plight through the lives of three minors – KC, Anne, and Leah – who came from the poor province of Samar, an identified trafficking hotspot. Their harrowing experiences explain why human trafficking, referred to as modern-day slavery, is now the third biggest crime in the world after drugs and arms smuggling