E-load Franchise

MI3 telecards loads and cellphone repair

In this fast-pace technological era that people live-in, mobile phone, telephone and internet as forms of communication with the aid of prepaid cards and loads leads the way to making lives easier. Undoubtedly, the changes brought along with this communication breakthrough make things better for now and the future

MI3 TELECARDS Loads and Cellphone Repair was relatively young in the business when it was established last August 6, 2007 by Mr. Rafael Espina, a self-acclaimed Cebuano Businessman.

Located in Echavez Street, Cebu City, the company aims to be the leader in Telecards Industry not only in the region but throughout the whole Philippines as well. It was born out of the increasing demands among phone the internet users of prepaid cards and loads.

MI3 TELECARDS Loads and Cellphone Repair Management aspire to create a market that is characterized by a need for multiple value added service combined with personalizes capabilities. A balance between an everyday person’s human needs and man’s hectic lifestyle. Henceforth, to answer the needs to be connected at all times equip the customers with tools that will help them to create a sense of belonging without replacing the needs for human contact.

Franchise information


Wholesale and retail of e-load, cards, cellphone repair, broker of cart and kiosk franchises, franchise supervision of franchisees in his area.

Franchise Fee: Php 98, 000

Inclusive of: Trade Name and Proprietary Marks, Site Approval, Training for Franchisee and staff, Procurement Program, Opening Assistance, Operations Manual, Research and Development.

Initial term: 5 years.

Capital Requirement: Php 1, 000, 000 estimated.

Continuation fee: Php 10, 000/ month

Required space: Minimum of 25 sqm. Continue reading “E-load Franchise”

MANG BOK’S MANOK – franchise

MANG BOK’S MANOK – franchise

Determined to provide the buying public with a better alternative of grilled food products, a group of businessmen spearheaded by Mr. Michael Chua acting as General Manager, established the first MANG BOK’S MANOK outlet in September 2002.

Its first outlet opened in Mandaluyong City, and since then, MANG BOK’S MANOK rapidly gained popularity throughout the area because of its freshly cooked, mouth-watering and affordable line of roasted/lechon products. Designed to cater to the BC economic class, the management’s aim is to provide high quality food that’s within the budget of the working class.

“Mapapa…bok-bok-bok… ka sa Sarap!” has been it0s tag line in keeping up with its commitment and in getting ahead of its competitors. Continue reading “MANG BOK’S MANOK – franchise”



Filipino love potato specifically fries and another good cart business to franchise is Potato madness. The market is already there you just need to find a good location. To known better about potato madness you could continue reading below:

POTATO MADNESS is the concept of combining the conventional French fries with unique flavors to make them a satisfying snack. The variants include Twister Fries, Hash Brown, Cris-cut Fries, Cheese Fries, Sour Cream Fries, Barbecue Fries and Zesty Wedges. In addition to crispy fries and flavors, this food cart will also offer a wide selection of healthy and scrumptious potato meals such as Grilled Potato Salad, Potato and Meat Balls, Potato Croquettes with Ham and Cheese, and Potato and Fish Balls. The food stop is designed for customers who want to take their snacks and enjoy them while strolling throughout the rest of the place. The target market are class A, B, and C customers. Existing outlets are located in Bulacan, Pampanga and Metro Manila. Continue reading “POTATO MADNESS -franchise”

Mr. Whaw Grill and Restaurant –Franchise

Mr. Whaw Grill and Restaurant –Litson Biik

Company Profile

As with myriad things in life, great things are born from certain passion; culinary expertise and excellent customer management. Such with the case of Emmanuel P. Montanez upon building up Mr. Whaw Grill and Restaurant last June 28, 2007.

Nestled at the very heart of Davao City, Mr. Whaw Grill & Restaurant is a perfect venue for unwinding oneself from a hard days work. Moreove, the bamboo dominated grill house and restaurant is a best place fro peers and family get together, Mouth-watering barbeque, lechon and other delectable meals are always a delight of every customer’s taste buds…

At Mr. Whaw Grill & Restaurant, you’ll taste the difference of Emmanuel’s fondness of food. His secrets; quality ingredients, grilling/cooking expertise and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and one of a kind litson biik. Continue reading “Mr. Whaw Grill and Restaurant –Franchise”