Choosing a Digital Camera

Do you still remember the days on which you need to choose a good film and developing center to have a good quality picture? Or do you still remember the flash bulb camera? Camera on which you will put a flash bulb (set of four) and every time you take a picture, one bulb will explode to give the appropriate lighting.

Film camera is almost phase out. With the advent of digital camera, the choices are almost unlimited. To much choices that sometimes we cannot decide what to buy.

If I would buy a camera this is what i would look for.(In order of importance)
1. Picture stabilization = A picture is useless if it is blurry. Even if the camera have the highest resolution, zoom etc, etc. if your hand has a built in “earthquake” (nginig) then it is useless. Because the picture will always be blurry. Continue reading “Choosing a Digital Camera”