Zero Electric Motorcycle

Zero S Motorcycle



If you love the environment and live motorbikes then Zero S Motorcycle are for you. This monster’s top speed is at 96.6 kph with less than 0.1 dollar per kilometer cost. This is a lot of saving compared to your average motorcycle.

In terms of style, it is way ahead of other electric motorcycle. It has aircraft grade aluminum frame, extremely rigid and lightweight, custom injected molded plastics for aerodynamic and style. A low center of gravity for better balance, maneuverability and responsiveness.

A special electronics system for acceleration, range and longevity.  An intelligent monitoring system that control the discharge and charge  of each cell to optimize the whole power pack system. Separate power system for motor and running accessories.

In terms of gear it is able to have minimal frictional loss due to direct chain drive and hardened alloy sprockets that give sit rapid acceleration and maximum efficiency.

Current price is around 10,000 dollars , it’s a bargain and they are starting to shift the first batch this May.