Rice Straw Ash as Good Substitute for Soap

Rice Straw Ash as Good Substitute for Soap


Barrio folks in Northern Luzon, particularly residents of Kapangan, Benguet use rice straw ash

as substitute for soap for working clothes and dishes.



1. Burn rice staw and collect the ashes.

2. Soak ash in water.

3. The dye produced in the collection is the one used for working clothes. Soak dirty clothes here as you do with ordinary soap.

4. Rinse as usual after washing.


Other Uses of Rice Straw Ash

Rice straw ash is also a good remedy for dandruff. Mix the ash with water and use it as shampoo.






Dec. 1980

Metropole Laundry and Dry cleaning Franchise

Being a labandera / labandero is a decent job, so decent that it evolves into a commercial industry. The first company that started it all is Metropole Laundry and dry cleaning. Their history dates back more than 60 years ago. Started from its ancestors until the incorporation of Metropole in 1993.

What separates  Metropole to other laundry company is that they are the first company to offer both self-service and on-site same day full service-dry-press laundry convenience to the public. They are also one of the first  to put the laundry equipment in full view so customer could be assured that their clothes are never mixed with  others.  


Franchising details

Franchising fee- 350, 000 pesos inclusive of training, counter and internal signage

Capital equipment (90 days to pay) – 250, 000

1-      10kg  MAYTAG front loader washer

1-      10 kg MAYTAG computerized top loader washer

2-      10 kg MAYTAG stacked dryers

Digital weighing scale, iron and iron board and cover, tanks and pumps.

Initial supplies (guaranteed  at cost) 30, 000 pesos

Promotional materials – 20, 000 pesos

                Streamers, flyers, press release and opening extravaganza

Security  deposit (refundable) 50, 000 pesos

Included in the budget is 250, 000 pesos for leasehold improvement, external signage, air condition and installation of equipment.

This info’s are taken from their site: metropole.com.ph