Peanut shell as feed supplement

Peanut shell as feed supplement and source of oil

By: Danilo Bulabos


Peanuts are abundant in the Philippines both in tropical and subtropical areas. Young pods of peanut known as legumes develop  underground which, after roasting, is used as food. Peanuts shells can be utilized as feed supplement for livestock, poultry and oil.

The peanut shell is tested by using hot water analysis for protein sampling, biuret test for carbohydrates content, and iodine test for glucose.

In the experiment, 30% peanut shell was recovered from a kilo of peanut. From 300 grams of refined peanut shell, 250 grams of feed was obtained, while 5% crude fiber was generated.

Analyses of feed sample confirmed the presence of 12.55% moisture, 2.66% ash, 1.10% crude fat, 29.63% protein and unquantified  amount of carbohydrates