John Usita to Brgy Ginebra

As if Greg Slaughter is not enough Barangay Ginebra added height to their draft pick, John Usita  6 feet 8 inches  behometh weighing around 300 pounds. If he will be in the rotation of Ginebra they will have the biggest frontline, Greg Slaughter, Aguilar and Usita.

John Usita’s age would be a double edge sword either he is old enough to the point that you could only ask a few years of service or old enough to have a good basketball IQ / basketball maturity.

If rumor that Taulava will also join them is true then a championship trophy is just around the corner

Greg Slaughter to Brgy Ginebra

It is expected that the number one pick for the PBA draft this 2013 will be Greg Slaughter and Brgy Ginebra  will have what its lacking all conference long, a legitimate center. As a fan it keeps reminding me that the soon to be lineup of Brgy Ginebra is like reminiscing the 1996 Brgy Ginebra line up. You have a seven footer in Greg Slaughter and in 1996 you have feihl ,  Aguilar a center as tall as Marlo Aquino,  Ellis and Baracael  for Noli Locsin, Mark Caguio for Vince Hizon,   healterbrand and Tenorio for Bal David, Urbiztondo and Monfort for Gayoso and Jarencio.

This time BGK is definitely a title contender team… Hope for the Best for Brgy Ginebra Kings