Ulang Production / Freshwater shrimp culture

Ulang Production / Freshwater shrimp culture

Ulang production is an alternative for tiger prawn culture. Ulang is grown in freshwater which is a great advantage for those who are living in low lands or living near lake areas.

Marlo Pagulayan an ulang grower in Cagayan said that for an investment of 21,000 pesos you could earn an aroudn 10,000 pesos. THis is almost 50% return in investment.

What make ulang special is that you can feed it with indigenous feed stuff. As to Mr. Pagulayan’s experience, he fed his Ulang with boiled crush suso which is a pest from his rice field. He also feed it with ripe papaya, grated coconut, and other vegetable like squash and carrot. Cultue period would take around 5 months.

Another advantage of ulang is that you could put tilapia also in the same pond / polyculture technology.


picture from: shrimp.vn