Splash divers – the Filipino divers at the SEA game

The Duo of John  Elmerson Fabriga and John David Pahoyo is a trending topic for their misfortune in the SEA games. They are the Philippine representative for Diving but maybe due to too much pressure the 4th dive of both divers is a flopped. They both landed back first and earned them a score of Zero.


Rumors is speculating that Pahoyo intentionally flopped in the 4th dive to shows “brotherhood” “pakikisama” to the flopped dive of Fabriga.¬† Thick or thin magkasama sila sa kahihiyan. But this issue complicate things, for some netizen they believe that as a Philippine representative they must first think about their country and pakikisama aside should be set aside. They should do their best for it’s the tax payers money that they are using.

But it is possible that because the routine is just to difficult for them that they both end up failing the 4th dive. Their first three dive is decent and only the forth one is terrible thus earning them a score of zero. Fabriga failed dive might have put undue pressure on Pahoya that resulted in the failed 4th dive.

Whatever the case is we should not judge them. They have done their part and most probable they have done their best but in the end it is just not enough for a good finish.