Paper making / How to make paper

The word “paper” is derived from the word papyrus. Papyrus is a plant on which the Egyptian used to as a “paper”. To be specific they used the leaf as a paper.

Before the advent of paper, people tend to write on walls, and because you cannot carry a wall with you to deliver a message it was then improved in the form of tablets / stone. Then generation past and people need to lessen the burden of carrying a tablet so they tried to used different materials to make paper. So, the story goes on until they discovered different plats to make paper and in the end process they settled o using pulp of different plant to make paper.

In the last thousand of years of man’s existence it is difficult to imagine our lives without paper. So, to appreciate more the importance of paper, why not make one.

Here is an article about Paper making:


Materials needed:

— rice straw

— sodium hydroxide

— sodium hypochloride

— rosin size

— alum

— cheese cloth

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