Prospects in Cocoa

The Philippines is not one of the main cocoa producers in the world but we have families that derive income from cocoa farming and manufacturers that process the raw cocoa beans for use in other industries. Although cocoa in the past experienced a slowdown in the global market, the industry is starting to pick up again, as there is an increase in demand for cocoa. A revitalized cocoa industry would mean grabbing this opportunity. We maybe a small player in the global market for cocoa but we can optimize what our cocoa industry could offer. Cocoa in the Philippines is grown in less than three hectares of land by small holder farmers. Aside from a source of additional income for farmers as this cna be planted along with other crops, cocoa farming also provide employment in the rural areas. Cocoa beans, once fermented and dried , can be stored for several months. Thus, storage is not a problem.
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