Paolo Bediones and China Roces video?

An alleged video of Paolo Bediones and China Roces is currently circulating the net. The video is around 6 minute long. The man on the alleged video looks like Paolo Bediones indeed. The girl according to some netizen is China Roces , googling it you can see that the girl was an FHM hottie last june 2014 see link China Roces .  Be the judge if it is indeed the girl in the video…by the way the girl in the video has a mole in her breast and in one picture i found in Ms. China Roces facebook it appears to me that see also have a mole on that side but i think the one on the video is locaated more  lower than Ms. China Roces picture or maybe i am just seeing things but you can also check this link China Roces mole and be the judge.  By the way on her facebook account she categorically denied that she was the girl in the video Continue reading “Paolo Bediones and China Roces video?”