Plastic in fake rice

According to DOH the three chemical that is found in the “fake rice” are commonly used chemical for Pharmaceutical drugs and they are polyvinyl alcohol, cedrol and dibutyl phthalate. As per DOH this chemical are not harmful if taken in “small dose”.
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Chemical fertilizer application

Rules on the application of chemical fertilizers


For best result, the application of the fertilizers must be done in the right way. To use fertilizer scantily in efforts at thrift only result in harvest poorer than if no fertilizer had been used.


Manner of applying fertilizer and lime


A.      Lowland Rice


1. Broadcast the recommended quantity of phosphate with one-half of the nitrogen fertilizer.

Do this before leveling the rice field before transplanting seedlings.


2. Broadcast the remaining half of the nitrogen fertilizer three(3) weeks before the flowering of the play. Do this when the leaves of the play are dry.

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