Helping Solve the Energy Crisis with Waste By-products

Helping Solve the Energy Crisis with Waste By-products


An intrepid agriculturist and inventor plans to start a national incentive program to build at least 5000 family-type digester all over the country.


By Didi Guanzon-Lucindo


When Gerry Baron returned to the Philippines for good after 17 years in North America, our country was not in dire straits, nor was anyone able to predict that the price of crude oil would exceed 60 dollars a barrel.

            Baron, an agriculturist at heart decided to move his family straight from the province of Tarlac where his parents and siblings have various agro ventures. Since their business of layer farms is running well, the La Salle-trained engineer- who had worked on GE locomotives while in Canada- decided to get into other agricultural ventures.

            Although he was not sure which one, Baron wanted to work on something that would not involve importing raw materials that would be environmentally sustainable and would be a foreign currency earner. He also felt that the venture should somehow address the plight of most Filipino households that subsist on so little a day.


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