Starmobile ENGAGE 7TV Review

Starmobile ENGAGE 7TV Review

 I bought a Starmobile Engage 7TV in a store in Mandaluyong although there is a stamobile kiosk in mall near our place I ended up buying it from a store in SM Mandaluyong . The kiosk in our place is offering a single core Engage 7 with just 512 of ram and personally I  believe that 1 G ram should be the minimum. So, after searching different stores in SM megamall I found one that offers the Starmobile Engage 7TV dual core for 4990 pesos. The main reason that I bought the Starmobile engage 7tv is for its digital tv capability , currently the IRR for the switch to digital broadcast in 2015 is underway so I am preparing for it in advance. To my knowledge it is the only tablet that carries a digital tuner with it. Unfortunately, I cannot  get any digital signal either there are no network that is undergoing test broadcast or our wall are too thick that digital signal cannot penetrate. Good thing about this tablet is that it also has an analog tuner so I can still watch other channels.

Things that I like  about Starmobile ENGAGE 7TV

Digital tuner is a big plus

Loud speaker and I mean LOUD…

USB slot, HDMI slot, micro USB, microSD slot

Almost all file format is supported avi, mpg, mkv, rm, vob, flv, 3gp etc..

The curve edges look stylish for me.


Things I don’t like about Starmobile Engage 7 TV

all the slots and buttons are in bottom part it is better if they put it either on the side or top. It is a bit of a hassle to put a usb flash drive or push the ON button because you still need to tilt the tablet so you can access it comfortably.

The antenna is difficult to retract, you need to have long nails to dig it up…

Bulky appearance.


In terms of processor power the Allwinner A20 cannot run large apps as per ANTUTU Benchmark


Star mobile engage tv


Slots of Star mobile engage 7 Tv


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