World demand for soybean is great, and the Philippines is in fact spending billion of dollars for

its import. Some of the uses of soybeans are for the manufacture of sotanghon, tahu, tokwa,

bean curd, soy sauce, and beverage (like milk) any many others.


A good harvest of soybeans depends on the quality of the seed planted and of this variety is

acclimated to the soil where it is planted, as in Cagayan.




In the height of Cagayan., soybean is planted toward the end of November until the end of



This grows while the weather is cold and is harvested around March until the middle of April.

Land preparation is the same as the preparation done for other crops. The hills are about 25

cm apart from one another.


Mix one-half kilo Rhizobium with (wet) 60 kilos of soybean seeds. This can be enough

for a hectare if this is irrigated or planted in the lowland with in a body of water nearby

(river). By the sea, it is necessary to add two bags of Amphos for every hectare 21

days after germination. So it is less costly to plant soybeans in the lowland near a river.


1 As in other plants, pest and d diseases and weeds must be controlled and maintained

with watering after harvest.


2. Harvest of soybean is usually 20 times the initial investment – about 800 kilos to 1,500

kilos of dry seeds every hectare.


3.If the soil is good and maintained seasonally in its growth, harvest may be as

high as 3,000 kilos per hectare, as has been proven by some planters.


From: Farming -Update

January-March 1989

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