RCA HDTV Plus mahiwagang black box

Another isdb-t tv tuner or commonly known as “mahiwagang black box”  is making a noise… RCA HDTV plus DV1402 is being sold by this site http://hdtvplus.com.ph/ and they also have affiliated store on which you can check the item before buying the RCA HDTV plus DV1402. Although, a lot are questioning the authenticity of the said item if it is really an “RCA”  product but for some the introductory price of 1,695 pesos is well worth it regardless either it is authentic or not.

For these price you will have an isdb-t tuner with the following specification/functionality

RCA HDTV plus DV1402 specification/functionality

HDMI and RCA output

Full HD capability – although most/all channel are currently on SD only

timer recording capability- program the date, time and channel to record. (storage device required, usb flash or usb hard disk)

Timeshift recording – you can pause a live show and the box will automatically record it.(storage device required, usb flash or usb hard disk)

can be use as a multimedia player- can play  AVI, MKV, MP4, MPEG, FLV


Downside of RCA HDTV plus DV1402

No exclusive channel of like cinemo, yey, knowledge channel and dzmm

You cannot record and watch other tv station.






6 thoughts on “RCA HDTV Plus mahiwagang black box”

  1. I got this, they delivered it to me at the price of 1695 it is very much worth it i just put the antenna outside my window (my house is just a bungalow in far flung las pinas) and i was able to watch the Pacquio Mayweather fight clearly.

  2. you cannot unlock those channel those are exclusive channel of abs cbn that can only be view by using their own tv plus….
    Greed of the network at it’s best…

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