Pinay girl with foreigner partner

Admit it or not one mentality in our country is that if you want to get rich then marry a foreigner. So it is not uncommon to see a pinay and a foreigner holding hands and sweet with one another  while strolling the mall.  What makes me laugh is the side comments that i hear from other people who are staring at the couple/lovers. Here are some of comments that i usually hear:

1. Exotic..

2. Swerte ni girl

3. Haba ng hair.

4. Pokpok

5. Wasak.

6. Maglolo /maglola

7. extinct

8. inday

9. ano ba yan…

10. oversize

11. Child abuse

12. Pedophile

Whether they are bitter or they are just stating reality of life , i am just amused that a lot are still bothered by such view…

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