Pinatubo ash tiles

“Fireproof” Tiles for Roofing and Walling from Pinatubo Ash




1. Boil bloated ash and binder or mixed glue.

2. Press the mixture.

3. Cook in 200° F (93° C) heat.

4. Paint a fire resistant paint so as not to pulverize. This happen if the pressure and heat is not enough or low and with not enough binder, there seems to have dust on top.


1 part binder 4% glue

2.3% resin

2.3% starch from cassava




1. From a mixture of materials, form a thick set of briquettes.

2. Dry in oven or under the sun.


The briquettes contain 0.8-1.2% of sulphur with heat giving capacity of 5,700 kcal/kg.

After using, the ashes left is about 30-40%.

An 800 gram of briquettes can boil 800 gm water in one and a half (1½) minutes.

Using an ordinary charcoal, six (6) minutes is needed to boil the same amount of water.

It is commonly used in Thailand.


From: Asia Pacific

Tech Monitor

Nov.-Dec. 1988

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