Cementless Blocks

Cementless Blocks


Due to the increasing cost of cement, the Forest Products and Industries Development Commission (FORPRIDECOM) conducted a research that will produce blocks from soil and water, or a combination of one or two different wastes or wood waste like rice hull, coconut coirdust or sawdust. The binder used is lime.

Lime can be found almost anywhere in the Philippines.





coconut coirdust

rice hull

rice hull ash



wood ash

Tools needed:

1/4″ wire screen






1. Powder the soil and remove lumps by using 1/4″ wire mesh screen.

2. Mix well any combination of one or two of the following:

a. 3 parts soil + 1 part coconut coirdust

b. 3 parts soil + 1 part rice hull

c. 5 parts soil + 1 part lime

d. 5 parts soil + ½ part lime + ½ part rice hull ash

e. 5 parts soil + ½ lime + ½ part wood ash

f. 4 parts soil + 1 part rice hull + 1 part lime

g. 2½ parts soil + 2½ part sand + ½ part lime + ½ part wood ash

3. Make a mountain-like of any of the combination and put a well at the center for water.

4. Pour the material combination on the well slowly and mix with shovel. The result must not be too dry or too wet for moulding.

5. Place in molds. Shake and scrape the top.

6. Dry under the shade for a few days.

7. Dry under the sun for few days.

Source: Tekno tulong

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