Pechay is one of the most common leafy vegetables in the market. It is commonly eaten fresh, alone or in combination with other foods. It contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, ascorbic acid, protein and carbohydrates.

Two important species of pechay are the healing type and the nonheading type. The first one is represented by the Wong Bok Variety and the second one by the Indian, Japanese Yellow Leaf, and native green leaf.

The native green leaf, often called Chinese pechay , is preferred by nutritionists because it is rich in food nutrients.

Although pechay grows in any kind of soil, rich sandy soil is preferred.The planting season is from September and December when the climate turns from mild to cold and is favorable to the plant.

How to plant

Sow the seeds in wooden seed boxes , flower pots  or pans and pots. Water the seedlings twice a day. Spray registered insecticide to protect the developing seedlings against pests. If overcrowding, prick some of the seedlings and transfer to some other seed plots.

Divide the land into plots one meter wide and of convenient length. Leave a path of about 30 cm between the plots. Cultivate the soil to a tilt.

Transplant when the seedlings have formed one or two pairs of true leaves at 20 cm apart during  cloudy days. Water the plants daily until harvest.

Cultivate the plants whenever the soil appears compacted or when the plots become weedy to promote aeration and to kill the weeds that would compete with the plants in the absorption of food nutrients.

Apply six to ten petroleum capful of barnyard manure per square meter to accelerate the growth of the plants.

Use 5g ammonium sulphate per plant or 200 to 300kg of ammonium sulphate per hectare in case of field gardening.

Harvest the plants as soon as they are big enough to market. Cut off with a sharp knife or pull together with the roots and wash.


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