PDAF: legal way to be corrupt?

In my opinion a lot of people are mislead about PDAF/ Pork Barrel , a lot are clamoring that it should be abolished because it is evil , it is just being pocketed by the “buwaya’s “in the senate and congress. They are asking that the money should go to government agency for health, education , roads, etc…

It is true that as a legislative body their main purpose is to construct laws for the betterment of the society and funding school building, medical  mission, road construction is out of their league.  So,  in this concept it is rightful that their budget should go directly to agencies that are implementing these kind of project rather than channeling it through the senate and congress.  But the issue here is not whether or not congress or senate should have a PDAF but it is an issue of implementation. Regardless whether the budget is directed to agencies or congress if the implementation have loop holes and connivance with corrupt officials in the implementing agencies still exist you are just handing a silver platter to one person to another. Corruption would just continue in a more regional /departmental level.

This post may  not make sense but i don’t make sense most of the time… It just happen that i am in the mood to write anything under the sun….

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