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When ever i use OLX and find an item that i like i would usually check the feedback system to prevent myself being scammed. If the person have a lot of good feedback then it is a possibility that the seller is legit.  I also check if these feedbacks are legit. If the seller and the account of the person which is doing a feedback was created within the same month then i assume the seller is in a gray area. It is a possibility that the seller is also the one making a feedback on his/her account. So far due to the feedback system I was never scammed in OLX.

So, i was surprised to find out that OLX Philippines removed this feedback mechanism and here is their explenation

” We have noticed that some sellers abuse this feature to mislead serious buyers. We want to protect these buyers so we’re putting the focus on the seller’s ad photos and description instead.

We have a lot of great items out there on OLX. Instead of relying on the feedback feature to determine whether buyers should buy an item or not, we encourage them to contact the seller personally to better get a feel of the seller’s profile.”

I honestly don’t get it why they removed the feedback mechanism. Chances  are their will be more people that will be scammed because they cannot validate the legitimacy of the seller. OLX even advise consumer to do meet ups… One reason why we do online transaction is that we don’t like the hassle of going out buying things.  By doing meet ups you will experience different hassles so  it is better to buy in malls or others store on which you choose from a broad selection of products.

I hope they realize that the feedback mechanism do more good than harm toward consumers and they should bring it back.

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