Nursery Plant Pots from Coconut Coir

Nursery Plant Pots from Coconut Coir

Plants grow faster in pots made of coconut husk with coconut dust than in soil. For example,
nursery plants like:
1. Asparagus springerie – grown in coconut husk with equal amounts of dust and swine
marine had more cuttings than those planted in rice field with swine manure.
2. Anthurium – more flowers per plant.
3. Dracaena fragrans (leafy plant) – increased roots
4. Mussaendes – longer roots (with spagnum moss and coconut) during marcotting.
5. Amherstia nobilis – faster marcotting even without the use of growth hormones.
Balitang Pambukid
May 1987

Tekno Tulong

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