Noodles Scandal

Noodles Scandal

This is the mother of all scandal, the noodles to be given to elementary students is over-priced, mislabeled and it cost the government around 400 million.  They are trying to feed our children with trash, 22 pesos per pack is not worth it. Dep Ed says that the cost is justifiable because it have malunggay and egg in it. Are they all out of their mind?  Instant noodles only cost around 6 -8 pesos per 55 grams and it is also fortified with different vitamins.


Okay, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that the contract is legal and only 1 bidder have qualified. But wait, according to some noodle company they did not qualify in the first place because there was no invitation from Dep Ed. Assuming that they received an invitation, would this multinational company qualify?  Or the bidding requirement is already rigged so only one company could meet the requirement.


Well, for those who approved this transaction sana kunin na kayo ni Lord!


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