Marianne Rivera outburst…

[youtube _8NlaTeYe0I]

Marianne Rivera outburst…

This was uploaded in youtube and also been shown on ABS CBN. It is a video of Marianne Rivera shouting at a certain guy.This is what Marianne uttered:

Marianne: Kapal ng mukha mo ha! O bakit ngayon ganyan ka porke’t madaming nanunuod sayo…ngayon mabait k! Kanina Tinatarantado mo ako nung ako lang mag isa nakakarinig sa iyo.

There are many comments pertaining to this video. Some are Pro’s and some are con’s.

I don’t watch Dyesebel nor did i watch Marimar. I am a fan of Angel Locsin.

Pero pagbinastos ka dapat lang naman magreact ka!!!

The problem with this video ay hindi nakita ang pangbabastos na gingawa nung guy.

5 thoughts on “Marianne Rivera outburst…”

  1. hoy ang kapal mo d porket mayaman at sikat ka ganyan ka..hayop ka..ptai ung makeup artist ginanganyan mo hayop…heh impakta ka marianne kapal mo rin noh,,.

  2. You know what, even though there’s so many gossips and issues about marianne’s character, still I’m her avid fan…as in, that’s why don’t bother to make an issue against her, because she remains to be popular and the most beautiful and talented one, rather than angel locsin (looks like an old maid trying out to change her face to become beautiful) … wala xang kwenta,walang utang na loob! GMA 7 gave her an oppurtunity to become popular and recognized artist, but look, what happened? instead of thanking, she abandoned this network and lumipat sa walang kwentang station…Tingnan mo ang lumabas, naging laos tuloy xa…hahahah! buti nga. Karma lang yan.!!!!!!

  3. Pareho lang si marianne at Angel na masama ang ugali at makakapal ang mukha. Plastik silang dalawa!

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