Mar and Korina wedding – pangangampanya?

[youtube tPLcN6ZJC2k]

Don’t get me wrong, definitely Mar Roxas loves Korina Sanchez. But the timing is not appropriate. By proposing that they will get married during the time na malapit na ang eleksyon is something suspicious. This is media mileage to the max. He keeps repeating his pattern. During the last senatorial race di ba nung malapit na ang eleksyon saka nila sinabing mag-on sila ni Korina. Correct me if i’m wrong. Then kung saan saan show sila nagpupunta para ulit ulitin lang na sabihin magpapakasal na sila? Personally, this kind of stragtegy is unacceptable. I would not waste my vote para sa kanya and those people na ngayon palang ay may ad na sa tv.Ganid sila lahat sa kapangyarihan.   

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