Less educational kid shows on Philippine free TV

Less educational kid shows on Philippine free TV

I started learning English by watching Sesame street, learned how to count by following count Dracula.   I learned to sing while following the theme song of sesame street “sunny days” .  I also watch batibot, I have learned logical reasoning through “ alin, alin  alin ang naiba” segmet of batibot.  Good values and courtesy to elders are inculcated into my brain by Pong Pagong and Kiko matching.  Those are my developing years.

 The following generation was very fortunate , Philippine television was flooded with educational shows like hiraya manawari, batibot, epol apple, mathinik, sesame streets, Banana in pajamas, telitubbies etc.

What concerns me is that current generation does not have a lot of educational shows to watch. Sponge Bob is cute but i cannot say that it is educational.  Ben 10 , not educational.  Naruto, one piece and the likes are great anime but not educational.  For the future of the Philippines i hope some networks would provide quality educational shows for our children.

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