Lagundi herbal medicine


Scientific name: Vitex negundo, vitex leucoxylon

Other names: dabtan, dangla, lingei, sagarai, five leaved chaste tree.



Aromatic bath – use decoction of leaves.

Headache – bruise leaves and apply on forehead.

Wounds and ulcers- use infusion of leaves as wash.

Fever- prepare decoction by boiling  5-6 dried leaves or 8-10 fresh leaves in glass of water for 15 minutes or until the liquid is reduced to ½ glass.

Adults: drink ¼  to ½ glass of the prepared decoction every 4 hours.

Children- 2-4 years-old  2-3 teaspoon every 4 hours.

                5-8 years-old 1-2 tablespoon every 4 hours.

                9-12 years-old 3-4 tablespoon for every 4 hours.


Cough- Prepare decoction same as that for fever.

                Adults – drink  ½ glass of the decoction every 4 hours.

                Children – same as for fever.


Volatile oil, resin, alkaloid, ,`lichen acids, glucoside.

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