Katrina provided drugs to Hayden!

Katrina provided drugs to Hayden!

In GMA weekend report , May 24, 2009, the lawyer of Dr. Hayden Kho implied that Katrina Halili knew that they being videotaped and it is Katrina Halili  who provided the drugs to Dr. Hayden Kho.

The other day Hayden Kho asked for forgiveness and that people should condemn the sin and not the sinner. He was remorseful and saddened that a lot of people have dragged from the controversy.  If he is really remorseful why dragged Katrina Halili in the drug issue. I am not depending Katrina Halili but if you have a little dignity left , then don’t resort to dirty tactics or give negative comments to the people you have done harm.

You’re the worst of worst,  Mr. Hayden Kho, shame on you.


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