KALINGAG – insect pest repellant

KALINGAG – insect pest repellant


The most damaging insect pest that preys on fruits is the fruitfly. Once it gets into the flesh of

any fruit, it can reproduce and spread wherever that fruit may be brought. Thus, in efforts of

importing countries to avoid the entrance of this pest into their territories, strict regulation are

imposed on incoming fruits, for instance our mango.


It was found out by a scientist from the Bureau of Plant Industry in Quezon that the bark of the

Kalingag attracts insects, especially the fruitfly, thus facilitate their entrapment.



1. Pulverized the bark of the bark of the Kalingag tree.

2. Mix the powder in 2% water solution that is, 2 grams per liter of water.

3. Put this in containers with traps.


The friutflies will approach it, especially early in the morning and late afternoons.


From: Farming today May 1982

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