Ignition Marketing a scam?

I have came across an earning opportunity that is now gaining popularity, the name of the business is Ignition Marketing. The system is based on the expertise of Eduard Reformina, Binsoy Basilio at Mau Magallanes on network marketing and affiliate marketing to  earn or sell online.  They will sell you  training packages and if you refer others that will buy  a package then you will earn from the referral…

Sounds familiar..? Actually their system have similarities with a multilevel marketing  in a modified version.  In fact, its  more of the mix of affiliate marketing plus multilevel marketing. In affiliate marketing you promote a product and if someone buy the product through your promotion or site you will earn from it.  But in Ignition Marketing you will not only earn from your  customer but also if that customer (now your downline) have referred someone and bought the product  either you will earn from it or the one who recruited you depending on the chronological order of the purchase.

here is a screen grab of their compensation style

I think the main objective  is too earn from other peoples money. The system/ proprietors will ask for around 2900++ pesos and they will distribute it to the members and the owner of Ignition Marketing.

As you can see the system looks like a pyramiding scam the only difference is that you buy something. You pay around 2900++ , the 2000 will be given to your recruiter and the 900 pesos will be the payment for the video training package or what ever they call it.

According to some website technically  it is legal but it seems to be in a gray area ethically.

Some will say that  you will learn alot from the videos  etc.. etc… but the question here is if there is no commission per recruit/purchased would you still buy their product or endorse it? If the learning from the videos is so valuable and helpful in establishing your own business then why is the compensation video is more focused on recruiting and “potential earnings on recruits”.

The proprietor of Ignition Marketing is good in playing words and baiting people to join them. If you are one of the early members then the possibility to earn a lot is a big possibility but if you look back at business with almost  the same style like foreverliving products, amway etc…  you would know that there is such a saturation point on which  this business will plateau and eventually decline and usually the lower downline suffer the losses.

While searching whether Ignition Marketing is a scam or not , i found websites saying that it is not a scam etc. etc.. These sites posted their write ups between august to october.  If  i am not mistaken their SEC registration is around June -July . So the writers of the write ups  are possible initial recruits and biased towards the products.

If you want to try Ignition Marketing as another source of income then as a consumer and business minded person it is your prerogative. I just posted my observation here base on their compensation video.

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