How the ultimate warrior died?

During the late 80’s aside from basketball, watching wrestling is a favorite past time for Pilipino’s. The main reasons are because of Hulk Hogan, Andrea the Giant, and Randy Savage, we idolized them. During that era out of nowhere a hefty full of energy athlete with full of face paint  have been catapulted to stardom and his name is the Ultimate warrior. One fight that cemented his name as a superstar was during a wrestling match with Hercules. Hercules is a big guy who carries a big chain as a prop and a tug of war with this chain commenced between the two and the chain snapped due to the brute force of the two wrestler.

One day bad news broke out, Ultimate Warrior died. Accordingly, in one of it’s wrestling match with Andrea the Giant, his blood vessels in the arms explodes upon lifting the giant. The culprit was the ribbons/rope that was   wrap on its biceps, it impedes the blood flow and due to these to much pressure accumulates up to the point the vessels ruptured. The internet is not yet prevalent in the philippines back then so you have nothing  to search on whether the story is true or not but ever since the news broke out  the ultimate warrior was never seen in WWF.

The other day i was surprised to read that the death of the Ultimate warrior is just a hoax and to my surprise the hoax  just circulated in the  Philippines. OMG, i was so sad during the day that he was rumored to be dead and after so many years to only find out it is a hoax… WTF…

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