Home made Taosi



Taosi is salty fermented beans commonly used in food preparation or as condiment of Filipino dishes.

Raw materials:



Rice bran

Wheat flour


Aspergillus oryzae (mold)


Cooking container

Jar for fermentation

Shallow bamboo basket (bistay)


1. The soybeans are washed in several changes of tap water and are soaked overnight. The soaked beans are washed and the water is drained out.

2. The beans are cooked by boiling in a suitable container until they are tender enough that they can easily be pressed between fingers.

3. The boiled beans are transferred into a shallow basket or (bistay) to drain the excess water and then subsequently cooled.

4. Beans are dried for 30 minutes under the sun or for one hour in the shade.

5. Cooked dried beans are coated with roasted wheat flour.

6. One teaspoon of a 3-day old rice bran culture of yellow-greenish mold known as aspergillus oryzae is introduced to the beans as seed. The mixture is mixed thoroughly.

7. The seeded are spread to a thickness of about 1-2 inches thick. Then cover with either cheesecloth or clean Manila paper and allow to stand for 3-4 days in a clean place till it is profusely covered with the mold growth.

8. The beans with molds are transferred into a jar containing salt solution and is covered.

Source: ITDI

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