Green jokes etc…

Bakit bulaklak ang kadalasang design sa panty?

Kasi alay sa mga patay na buhok!

Eh, bkit sa brief ala?

Kc meron nang nakatirik na kandila may alay pang itlog.


Husband: Wife, magsaing ka na.

Wife: Alang bigas

husband: bwisit! hala! maglatag knng bnig, mtutulog n tyo!

wife: diyos ko po..talong na naman…


u can be a doctor and save lives

a lawyer and defend lives

a soldier and and protect lives

or simply be yourself…. horny and create lives!


2 Pinoy gays in a car in LA…when a kano cuts and swerves along the car path….

Gay1: Fuck you asshole!

Kano: Suck my dick!

Gay2: Sis, itabi … nakikipag areglo

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