Goat (kambing) Raising

Goat raising is now becoming a very lucrative business in the Philippines. Few years back a goat is called “a poor man’s cow” but nowadays a hybrid goat is the same price as a calf.

According to the book ” Types and Breeds of Farm Animals”by Dr. Valente Villegas, types of goat are classified as follows: Mohair type, milch type and chevon type.

Mohair types are goats which are primarily raised for its fleece, an example of which is the Angora breed.

Milch types are those breeds on which raised for their milk. Saanen is a breed from Switzerland that is well known for its milking ability.

Chevon type are those breeds which are for meat purposes like the boer.

Currently these are some of the well known breed in our country:

Anglo nubian
Philippine Native

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