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The Philippines needs to import rice from other country because of low supply of rice in the local market. If you would ask farmers what is the problem most of them will say they have switch product or have stopped planting rice because of high inputs.

According to the government they are doing their best to improve the current situation. They are now creating some projects that would help the farmers. But is it for real? Yes it is possible in papers that the government had lay out some project . The question is, if it is really implemented.

Remember the Fertilizer Scam? I have stumble upon a youtube video about it and here is some details from the info box.

DA: Department of Anomaly?
Report by Maki Pulido

It was in 2005 when the foul odor of the fertilizer scam was sniffed by the public.

Allegations were raised against the Department of Agriculture whose funds amounting to P728 million were said to have been used to bankroll President Arroyo’s campaign in the 2004 elections.

Years later, the controversy has yet to be resolved when more questionable transactions were discovered. Funds of Quedancor, the department’s lending arm, reaching billions of pesos are alleged by the Commission on Audit to be missing. Individuals who were supposed to have received loans did not get any. There were also establishments documented to have received loans but when checked had questionable addresses.

What is behind these anomalies some of which have remained unresolved for years?

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