Compost in 14 Days

Compost in 14 Days


Nutrients in the soil get depleted gradually, so it is necessary to replenish these with fertilizers. Natural fertilizers can be made without expenses, and their use give no harm to the environment.


As farm wastes decompose, the carbon and oxygen that mix together cause the wastes to heat up. Thus, six(6) part of straw and grasses(which are rich in carbon) are mixed with one(1) part nitrogen-rich materials like ipil-ipil, hagonoy, chicken manure and the like.




1. Farm wastes: leaves, straw, hull, grasses/weeds)fresh and dried)

2. Fresh animal manure: carabao’s cow’s horse’s ,chicken, etc.

3. Kerosene can or basket

4. Eight (8) pieces posts from ipil-ipil, about 2″ – 3″ diameter, 5′ high

5. Bamboo

6. Shovel, garden fork, bolo




1. select a shady place in your yard that is somewhat elevated and does not lodge water

2. enclose about 5 ft square around the post: allow space for air at the bottom

3. Preparation:

a.) First day – Cut up into about 3″ 4″ the farm wastes; wet these or soak for 5minutes in water. If they are plenty, spray water on the mound;

– mix with equal amount of fresh animal manure;

– mix well together.

– Stack up the enclosed place with this until 4 ft. high.

b.) Second day. See if the pile is getting heated up. If not, sprinkle with dissolved fresh manure. It is important to have this heat within 24-48 hours. This heat will kill the microbes (especially if manure is used and the seeds of weeds and grasses.

 c.) Third day, Reverse the pile, see if it is heating up. Keep it moist but not wet. If it’s still not hot . sprinkle with dissolved manure.

d.) Seventh day- reverse the pile again, see if it’s heating up, keep moist.

e.) Tenth day- the pile must be cooling now, which means the compost is done.

f.) 14th day- the resulting compost is ground(pulverized), dark and course soil. If desired, let it stay longer to decompose because of their natural bark or coating that takes long to deteriorate.


From: AT Focus 1984 at Research

August 1985

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