Application of Lime

Application of Lime


Lime is mixed with the soil to enrich it with calcium and to lessen the soil’s acidity. The soil’s degree of acidity is determined through a soil chemical analysis.


Lime for farming is ground limestone, spread over the field before plowing.


The application of lime must be one month before the application of other fertilizers. This is because it is not good to mix lime with ammonia – it will cause nitrogen to disappear into air. If lime is mixed with phosphate, this will not dissolve and so will not be of any advantage to the



To benefit most from these, put all the lime necessary at one application. If the advised

quantity is more than three(3) tons and this will happens to be unaffordable, the application

may be halved until the whole amount is applied up to five (5) years.


It is better to apply the lime at the beginning of the land preparation. Broadcast the lime over

the field before plowing. Then one month after, before planting, apply the fertilizer.

From: Principles in the Application of Fertilizers


Bureau of Soils January 1990

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